• Sportsmanship Awards

  • The N-O League is proud to display it's Sportsmanship Award Teams and Individuals and congratulates all players and coaches on their accomplishments. This page will allow visitors to the site to search on name, school, season, and sport.

  • Congratulations to the teams and individuals who have won Sportsmanship Awards:

Year Season Sport Gender School Athlete/Coach Special Notes
2018-2019 Fall Cross Country Boys
2018-2019 Fall Cross Country Girls
2018-2019 Fall Field Hockey Girls
2018-2019 Fall Golf Boys
2018-2019 Fall Golf Girls
2018-2019 Fall Soccer Boys Medina Kody Leno
2018-2019 Fall Soccer Girls Barker Shelby Ewald
2018-2019 Fall Volleyball Girls
2018-2019 Winter Basketball Boys Wilson Steve Frerichs
2018-2019 Winter Basketball Girls Roy-Hart Lexi Lovewell
2018-2019 Winter Swimming Boys Akron Nate Chubb
2018-2019 Winter Swimming Girls Roy-Hart Jenna Heiser
2018-2019 Spring Baseball Boys Barker Nathan Heidemann
2018-2019 Spring Softball Girls
2018-2019 Spring Tennis Boys & Girls Barker Ella Gooding
2018-2019 Spring Track & Field Boys Akron Casey Zuba
2018-2019 Spring Track & Field Girls Wilson Kylee Healy
2017-2018 Fall Cross Country Boys Barker Andrew Jenks
2017-2018 Fall Cross Country Girls Albion Hannah Grammar
2017-2018 Fall Field Hockey Girls Roy-Hart RayLynn Chraston
2017-2018 Fall Golf Boys Akron Stephen Wagner
2017-2018 Fall Golf Girls Newfane Lauren Seymour
2017-2018 Fall Soccer Boys Wilson Cesar Carlin
2017-2018 Fall Soccer Girls Barker Mallory Gross
2017-2018 Fall Volleyball Girls Albion Caitlyn Snook
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