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Athletic Placement Process

All-WNY Scholar Athlete On-Line Nomination Form (see Scholar Athlete below)
ArbiterSports - Program for Assigning Sports Officials for Section VI sports
          Instructions for Officials     
          Instructions for Contacts (ADs, Secretaries, coaches, etc)
          Instructions for Media
          Schools by League         
          Sports Officials Organizations
          Timelines for assigning 2016-2017 North (Buffalo, ECIC, NFL, & MM), South
          Timelines for assigning 2017-2018 North (Buffalo, ECIC, NFL, NO, & MM), South
          Link to (leaving the Section VI website)

Athletic Administrators' Took Kit (Section VI August 27, 2012 AD Workshop)

Athletic Liabilities & Responsibilities - March 2, 2007 Workshop Materials:
                    Hazing  Additional sites for info on hazing:
                    Athletic Management Nightmare Articles
                    Athletic Risk Management Part 1
                    Athletic Risk Management Part 2
                    MRSA E1B Presentation
                   AED Common Athletic Program Issues
 Application Form for Section VI Open Position
BEDS numbers (see Classification under "C")
Bulletin Board (see games/teams needed and open position)

        Calendar of Section VI Approved Season Dates:  2017-18    2016-2017

         Post Season Calendars:  Fall,    Winter,    Spring

Cheerleading Policy Click on Policy #710 in the Policy Manual
      Cheerleading information use Cheerleading Sport page 

Code of Conduct Form (Required for Post-Sectional Competition) is available on the state website. Click on Forms.........

BEDS Numbers for Sectional Classification 2017-2018 
          2017-18 by Size    (Approved January, 27 2017)  by NYSPHSAA  
               2016-17 by Size    (Approved January, 29 2016)  by NYSPHSAA  
             2016-17 alphabetical    2016-17 spreadsheet for download 
     2015-2016 (Approved January 2015) 
                 2015-16 by Size Approved 1/30/2015 by NYSPHSAA  
                     2015-16 alphabetical    2015-16 spreadsheet for download  
Coaching Certification info click here. See home page for classes ("Coaches" tab)
Code of Conduct Link to State Website 
Combining Schools for Athletic Participation                                       
         Request to Combine:   
                           2018-2019 Combining of Schools Application (pdf)
                           2018-2019 Combining of Schools Application (word doc)
                           2017-2018 Combining of Schools Application (word doc)
         Combined Schools Status:  17-18    16-17   15-16 
               End of Season Report required:  Fall Season December 1
                                                                       Winter Season March 20
                                                            Spring Season June 20
Committees Members & League Office contact information                                                  
Constitution and By-Laws (Section VI) 

CSIET Advisory list (you will be leaving the Section 6 website)

    Disqualification Form (Player/Coach) - completed by the official On-line DQ Form  
    The Executive Director will contact the school(s) involved in a DQ. An incident report/DQ response form is no longer required 
Emergency Preparedness and Crowd Control Policies and Procedures and Site Checklist
   Located in Policy #410 in the Policy Manual 
Empire State Games Website Link
End of Season Report    listed above under Combining of Teams Required for all Combined Teams
Expense Form  - For Payment reimbursement

Extended Eligibility: Application, Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                       

                Students with Disabilities Form Waiver completed by school/nurse & approved by CSO 
                           (Age Requirement and /or Four Year Limitation for Students with Disabilities) 
Fee Schedule: For Sportchairs, Site Chairpersons, Supervisors, Etc.
First Aid classes:  click here. Classes are posted on the Bulletin Board
     Fee Schedule: For Sportchairs, Site Chairpersons, Supervisors, Etc.
      Financial Report for Sectional Contests  
      – refer to the particular sport under Handbooks
Winter  Spring
      Financial Report for Senior All Star Contest  /   Outside Agency Contest
       Purchase Requisition Form (Interactive) (pdf)
     Reimbursement requests - use Section VI Expense Form

Football Survey -

5th Official

Foreign Student Reporting Form

Form X – Sports Contest Discrepancy Report--> On-line Form X

Frequently Asked Questions  (Updated Fall 2013 - excellent guide for Athletic Directors. 
 Extracted from AD Toolkit Aug. 26, 2013 AD Workshop)
Friends and Neighbor Application  (on the NYSPHSAA website)
   (State website under re-development form unavailable Call Section office 716-821-7581)
   List of currently approved Friends and Neighbors in Section VI
             Grievance /Appeal Form
             Grievance/ Appeal Decision Form
      Link to
Section Sports handbooks located on each individual sport page click home and find sport on right hand side 
Hall of Fame: 
    Hall of Fame Website Page Nomination forms & instructions located at link
Lifetime Pass Policy - see Passes under P

Lightning Policy (see Safety below)

            List of WNY Media Contacts
            Media Instructions for Arbitersports (see Arbitersoports under A)
Membership Applications:
           Section VI Membership Application (for use by non-public schools or leagues)
           NYSPHSAA Membership Application
Mixed Competition   Found in NYSPHSAA Handbook Page 
     above link will take you the state handbook page.
    (Guidelines) Reg. of the Comm. of Education Section 135.4(c)(7)(ii)(c) 
           Mixed Competition is found on page 83 of the Commissioners Regs link on state website 
  with the forms and needed charts as the last 4 pages
Modified Sports
          NYSPHSAA, Modified Eligability Standards - Found in 
                  Section VI Modified start dates found on 2nd page of below links
                                  2017-18        2016-17
          Link to modified sports surveys (leaving Section 6 website) ->
MRSA & Lightning Policy (see Safety & Health below)
           Fee Schedule
           Form X  
           Disqualification Form 
           Outside Agency Application (List Section VI as Additional Insured on Certificates)
           Outside Agency Financial Report (listed under "F" Financial Reports above)
           Outside Agency Contests Approved for     2017-18  2016-17     
                     Previous years Outside Agency 2015-16     2014-15  2013-14, 2012-13, 2011-12 
   Section VI Pass Policy: Click on Policy #710 in the Policy Manual
    Section VI Lifetime Pass Policy: Click on Policy #710.2 in the
                     Policy Manual
          Lifetime Pass Application    
Payment Request Form - see Reimbursement requests above under R

Physician Form: All Section VI schools are requested to complete this form and submit to NYSPHSAA

Protest Procedure for Section Game/Match
Purchase Requisition - see Financial  above under F
Rule Book Order Form – refer to State Website (Store)
Reimbursement requests - use Section VI Expense Form

Concussion Management Information from state website


Heat Index & Wind Chill Procedures from state website

The NYSPHSAA Executive Committee (May 2010) approved:

 Heat Index Procedures
 Wind Chill Procedures for use in its member school athletic programs


 Early Season Climate Acclimatization
 Preseason Heat-Acclimatization Guidelines for Secondary School Athletics
 U.S. Soccer Heat Guidelines


NYSPHSAA Safety Page  

MRSA Concern

Health Advisory: Prevention of Methicillin - Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Infections in the School Setting which was originally issued on October 25, 2007 has been updated. Updated sections are indicated by underlined text in this most recent advisory. You may view this new advisory from the NYS Department of Health and NYS Education Department on our website in the A-Z Index, under "M" for MRSA. Find More Here

 Best Practices for Preventing Skin Infections
 Resources for Skin Infections
 NYSPHSAA Guide for Skin Infections

 Other Safety Issues From State Website
SANCTIONS: Refer to the 
                        call Todd Nelson at the NYSPHSAA office  866-598-2816 or refer to the State
Association website for the procedures and forms:
  To check if an event is Sanctioned
         If you plan to host a neighboring state event.
    Call Todd Nelson must file 30 days prior to event. 1-(866) 598-2816 Ext. 13
                        complete the "Notice of Entry Form" on the state website 
                  Link to List of NYS approved interstate contests 
                  Link to NFHS Sanctioned event look up 
SCHEDULES: For regular season use
                      Post Season Fall    Post Season Winter   Post Season Spring
                   State Championship Dates
          NYSPHSAA Scholar Athlete Team Award Application - refer to State Website
 click on Programs,  Scholar Athlete
          Section VI All-WNY Scholar Individual Athlete Nomination Form:  
                                                                          On-line ->  click here 
Schools participating in Section VI      Schools in each League 
Schools for competition: Section 6 member schools can only compete against schools that are members in good standing of a state association. Click here to check for members of the PIAA in PA.
Section VI Open Position Application Form 
          SED Complete Guide to Selection Classification March 2005
          Developmental Screening Form - Email the Section office for this  
          Notification of Qualifications (Word document)
          Notification of Qualifications (pdf format)
          Frequently Asked Questions about Selection/Classification
 ** March 9 , 2015 NYSPHSAA Memo about replacing Selective Classification with APP beginning Fall 2015
          Senior All Star Contest Application Packet     Section 6 form State form out of date
        In addition to above State Form  Section VI also needs this additional           
                  form signed 
          Senior All-Star Contests Approval Status for  2017-18  2016-17 
                     Previous years    2015-16  2014-15     2013-14    2012-13    2011-12
          Complete Directory of sport chairs listed by Season then Sport
          Sportchair  Job Description and Application  
          Complete above form to be considered for nomination within a Sportchair position.
       Sportsmanship Award for Coaches Nomination Form 
                                                     Interactive Nomination Form
        Sportsmanship Policy
        Sportsmanship Disqualification form
                    (see Disqualification under "D" above)
          Sportsmanship Hearing Request
          New York Good Sports Form - refer to  
                State Website
          Section VI  Policy on Travel to State Competition - see Policy #310 in Policy Manual
          Form to Opt out of Section VI Travel to State Competition  
          State Championship Dates and Sites (you will be leaving the Section 6 website)

  Updated  5/2017 Transfer Notification Form 
Reminders for the transfer rule as we prepare for the 17-18 school year
* Students that have participated at the High School level as a 7th/8th grader are now subject to the transfer rule.
* Regarding students returning to their district of residence, please be reminded the transfer request application must be submitted for all transfer students attempting to participate in athletics.
* Page 1 of the application must be submitted to the Section VI office prior to the student practicing and the remainder of the application must be submitted prior to his/her first contest. The student is ineligible to participate in a contest until you have been notified of the transfer request results. 
* The transfer application is located on the Section VI website under "forms and information"
* Lastly, the transfer student must be registered in your school prior to submitting a transfer application.
New due to Financial or Special Hardship
Transportation to State Competition - see State Competition above 
Venue Proposal/Contract  (interactive form)
Waiver of the minimum number of contests required for participation in sectionals
Wrestling Communicable Skin Infection Form - refer to State Website

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