• Section VI Philosophy & Services:




    Services provided to member schools of Section VI


    1) Representation and voting privileges at the NYS Public HS Athletic Association in the following:
    • Central Committee - A Chief School Officer, Secondary School Principal, Boys Physical Education and Girls Physical Education Representative represent Section VI member schools and have a vote on all issues in their respective areas.
    • Sectional Intersectional Committee- responsible for:

    Ø     Calendar indicating start and end dates for each season and practices required

    Ø     Post-season calendar
    Ø     Review of Handbooks and Reports submitted by Sportchairs
    Ø     Review and approve all venues and contracts for sectional competition
    Ø     Coordination of corporate sponsorship for Section VI sports.
    •  Finance Committee – responsible for:

    Ø     Preparation of the Section Budget for approval in January

    Ø     Preparation of the Budget for each sport

    Ø     Provide recommendations on expenditures.

    Ø     Review and set sectional admission prices annually.

    Ø     Conduct contract negotiations with the officials chapter(s) on behalf of the Section

    Ø     Responsible for contract interpretation, administration and implementation.
    • Safety Committee - responsible for all aspects of program safety.
    • Modified Committee - responsible for the general conduct of modified sports.
    • Chemical Awareness Committee - responsible for reporting all current information on drug awareness to member schools - conducts awareness seminars.

    2) Section VI Executive Director:

    • Assists member schools with interpretation of NYSPHSAA rules and regulations.
    • Communicates to all members schools all news releases and information from NYSPHSAA and other pertinent sports organizations.
    • Represents all member schools at the State Officials Coordinating Federation twice annually.

    3) Section VI Sportsmanship Coordinator:

    • Develops strategies to promote sportsmanship and serves as a resource and presenter on sportsmanship to member schools.
    • Develops and administers the award program.

    4) Sectional Tournaments:

    • Provision of sectional competition for all member schools in all sports at professional, college, and/or high school facilities including such sites as: Ralph Wilson Stadium, ECC Burt Flickinger Center, Buffalo State College, UB, Canisius, Fredonia State

    5) Awards:

    • Certificates for participation and championship in sectional events.
    • Trophies and patches to sectional champions

    6) Publications:

    • Annual directory of all member schools and coaching staff
    • Sport Handbooks for each sport that the member school(s) participates in.
    • Section VI Newsletter - published 3 times per year. Provides pertinent state and section news. Also features articles on member school state scholar athlete champions and state tournament champions.

    7) Passes:

    • Courtesy passes to league and sectional contests are provided to each Superintendent, Athletic Director, High School Principal with 2 additional passes per high school for coaching staff.


Last Modified on January 23, 2013