• Section VI Philosophy & Services:



    A united action by member schools in Section VI is necessary in order to have a successful athletic program. 

    While the athletic program in Section VI strives to exemplify the basic principles of the democracy in which we live by providing for each student- athlete an opportunity to progress to the limit of their capabilities and interests, it must also maintain a commitment to excellence.

    We strive to provide student athletes with an environment that promotes wholesome growth and development, stressing our belief in the democratic way of life, encouraging mental and physical alertness and independent thinking. We try to impress the student-athletes with the idea that we expect them to do their best.

    It is our philosophy that we should help to prepare our student-athletes for life and attempt though athletics to provide an educational experience to assist them in becoming contributing members of society.


    Utilizing this philosophy, it is the firm belief of Section VI that:

    1.          ALL students are important and meeting the needs of these students is the challenge to all within the educational community.

    2.          In meeting the needs of the many different public schools of our Section, we must provide interscholastic athletics and coordinated services that are controlled by schools, leagues and the Section.

    3.          Each school is expected to appreciate the fact that everyone cannot be totally satisfied on any given issue but that all schools through a viable system of representation can help to develop the pattern for sound educational policies for interscholastic athletics.

    4.          It is of primary importance to delegate authority in this complex program and it is this delegated leadership that helps to set the pattern for a "State Wide" program of athletics.

Last Modified on January 23, 2013