• Section VI Cashless Policy

    Section VI has updated the ticket policy to CASHLESS for all events.

    Tickets for 2023-24 events are $7 on-line/ Regionals $8.   We expect fans to purchase online tickets for all post-season games. Hoping family members & friends will assist those without smartphones. (Meet at door to enter together with an individual who has tickets on their phone.)  For the final games, we will have a GOFAN BOX OFFICE Device and will accept credit/bank card/Google & Apple pay purchasing system available at venues at the ON-LINE price. Children 5 and under are free.

    Cashless ticket sales have allowed Section VI to provide an enhanced experience for our fans.  Gate entry has become more efficient and streamlined and electronic ticket sales are easy and safe.  Therefore, please be aware that the ticket price is $10 with insistence of cash sale. Regional games hosted at Section VI will also use cashless tickets. We will have a credit/bank card purchasing system available at venues. 

    *Total ticket price is inclusive of all fees.