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NEW 2023 Set up Universal Tennis Rating

A joint proposal for boys and girls tennis was approved which states that all NYSPHSAA tennis players are required to claim their profile in the Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) system prior to the season. This provides NYSPHSAA and member sections a comprehensive system to properly seed its tournaments.


All tennis schools are REQUIRED to do the following prior to the season:


Step 1Click this link to activate your team page. All NYSPHSAA teams are available to be claimed on Universal Tennis for FREE


Step 2 – Once your school is activated, please enter your current rosters into UTR. Enter all freshman, junior varsity, and varsity players.

· If a player is not registered on Universal Tennis, they need to create their free player profile. A QR code will be provided that makes it simple and easy to get your players registered on UTR. Have them scan the QR code at the beginning of practice to create their free UTR profile, or just have them go to to register. Players can also be invited to the team roster via email. 

If you need further assistance with your Universal Tennis team page, please contact Jonathan Hicks. He will help you get all set up. His email is for any Universal Tennis questions.


Step 3 - Enter Scores (You must be signed in to your account and on your high school page)

Post Dual Match Scores

a. Choose "Create Event”

b. Choose “Official” when asked Is this an official High School event or a fundraiser/other event?

c. Choose "Dual Match"

d. Start typing in opponent school and select

e. Choose “yes or no” if the dual match should be grouped in your standings?

f. Enter date, time, location

g. Choose the individual match lineups by selecting each player from the team roster - note that

only players who are on the team roster will appear in the drop-down

h. Post scores for the individual dual matches, as well as the overall team score