The ECIC was established in 1952.
    There were 19 original schools:
    Division I
    East Aurora, Amherst, Cleveland Hill, Hamburg, West Seneca, Williamsville
    Division II
    Clarence, Akron, Depew, Lancaster, Pine Hill, Sloan
    Division III
    Lake Shore, Frontier, Holland, North Collins, Orchard Park, Springville, Eden
    Original Officers:
    Ed Malanowicz (Sloan), president
    Milton Bergman (Amherst), vice president
    Bill Kling (Lancaster), executive secretary
    John Java (Lancaster), secretary
    Bert Ball (Eden), treasurer
    Bill Rodiek of Hamburg founded the ECIC Directors Association in 1957.  This eliminated the town meeting type atmosphere and gave the league structure.
    In 1965-66, Lackawanna left the Niagara Frontier league to join the ECIC and Grand Island had left the ECIC to join the NFL.
    Within a decade the league witnessed tremendous growth. From 1963 to 1974 the number of participants in ECIC sports increased from 6,330 to 14,451. And by 1969-70, there were four divisions in all sports except swimming, soccer, and golf.
    The formation of the Erie County Girls Athletic Association (ECGAA) by Mary Byrnes-Foyle, Rita Eichenger, and Kay Palmer in 1971-1972 led to girls sports being added to the ECIC in 1975-1976.
    By the leagues 25th anniversary it had grown to include 20 sports adding up to 3,600 contests involving approximately 25,000 athletes.
    Jamestown entered the ECIC as a full member in 1982-83, following a court decision in their favor. With no Chautauqua County schools close to its size, Jamestown sought the ECIC for competition.
    In 1995, Tonawanda left the NFL and joined the ECIC.
    In 2004, Starpoint left the Niagara Orleans League to join the ECIC.
    As it stands today, The ECIC is the largest league in Western New York with 29 schools.
    Alden, Amherst, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Cleveland Hill, Depew, East Aurora, Eden, Frontier, Hamburg, Holland, Iroquois, Jamestown, JFK, Lackawanna, Lake Shore, Lancaster, Maryvale, Orchard Park, Pioneer, Springville, Starpoint, Sweet Home, Tonawanda, West Seneca East, West Seneca West, Williamsville East, Williamsville North, Williamsville South.
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